MESSAGE FROM THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT TRINITY UNIVERSITY At The 7th Commencement Convocation Saturday 11th June, 2022

We want to welcome you on board with life transforming education flight called the Trinity University (TU).
As you join us to celebrate this 7th (Seventh) Commencement Convocation, we are gladdened by your presence to celebrate with us.

We at Trinity University have always championed the cause of education empowerment. We feel strongly that no man on earth can ever be celebrated if he is not empowered formally or informally through the process of education.

The Bible tells us through the Book of Hosea that “Lack of knowledge, the people perish.” This speaks to the fact that those who refuse to gain knowledge for the purpose of transition and transformation will obviously find themselves in abject poverty that may lead them to their early demise.
For those who find themselves knowledgeable will always lead a mark of legacy on society. Hosea also tells us that those who refuse to gain knowledge are under the spear of curse and to their unborn children.

This is one of the reasons why we have all gathered to celebrate these graduates who have gone through this refinery process to give themselves a new outlook of life by becoming champions of their destiny.
To succeed in life one must be progressive. To be progressive means in this context to pursue the goals that will define you as a person of substance. To be defining as a person of substance, you must be willing to sacrifice to pursue the best that life may offer.
This comes through hard work, commitment, patience, tolerance, willingness to teachability and of course humility. Pride, arrogance and pomposity are vibes that will lead you to your pitfalls.
To you graduates, friends, loved ones and relatives as you celebrate with us for those men and women, let God be your guide and only he alone.

Dr. Jim W. Tornonlah President
Trinity University.

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