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Trinity University’s strength is derived from the exceptional quality, unwavering dedication, and extensive expertise of its esteemed faculty members. To access valuable information and resources specifically designed for both full-time and part-time faculty, please refer to the provided links below

Trinity University is an esteemed institution of higher education committed to the cultivation of knowledge in the liberal arts and sciences, recognizing them as fundamental pillars for personal growth and a strong educational foundation. Our institution is dedicated to equipping our students with a comprehensive skill set that encompasses both the practical abilities necessary for professional achievement and the essential competencies required for effective leadership in the ever-evolving creative economy. Furthermore, we strive to foster a culture of intellectual exploration and research, generating both practical and theoretical insights that enhance individuals’ comprehension of our complex world while contributing to the advancement of local and global communities.

As per our established protocol, it is mandatory for all new job requisitions to include a current and comprehensive position description. This document will be securely attached to the electronic requisition and thoroughly evaluated at each stage of the approval process. The position description plays a crucial role in accurately communicating the job requirements to potential candidates and applicants. Furthermore, upon successful recruitment, it is essential that the position description is provided to the employee, as it will serve as an integral reference point during their tenure and contribute to the annual evaluation process.

To facilitate this process, please feel free to forward your relevant documents to info@trinityuniversity.org. Alternatively, should you require any further details or assistance, kindly reach out to us, and we will be pleased to provide additional information.

Within our organization, every staff position is assigned a specific grade level. The responsibility of administering the compensation system for employees within their respective units lies with the local HR offices. These offices undertake the evaluation of jobs and determine the appropriate grade for each position. The evaluation process takes into account various factors such as professional knowledge, skills, required education and experience, as well as job responsibilities. Additionally, the complexity and scope of the position are compared to other positions within the University to establish an appropriate grade level. This meticulous evaluation ensures fair and equitable compensation for our staff members.

Health & Wellness

Trinity University wants our employees to be happy and healthy. We have a wide range of health, vision and dental insurance options for employees and their dependents, spouses and qualified domestic partners, as well as money-saving programs to help you manage costs.

Pay & Vacation.

Trinity University’s generous compensation packages let you manage a healthy work/life balance while planning for your future.


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