The Trinity University is located in the heart of Liberia City’s Harbel-Cotton Tree Highway, Harbel. Come visit our campus.

Trinity University has the biggest campus in Harbel, Liberia , as well as satellite facilities in several neighborhoods. Come visit our campus. Attend one of our public programs. Take a tour of our university. Stop by one of the area’s local restaurants or cafés.

Building Hours

Access to academic buildings is by reservation only. The four buildings below will be open Monday - Friday and closed on the weekends from September 15th through December 25th.

Monday to Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.,
Saturday to Sunday, closed

Map &

Harbel-Cotton Tree Highway, Harbel, Liberia


Start by determining the nearest bus station or terminal to your current location. This will depend on where you are in Liberia. Look for bus stations or terminals in major cities such as Monrovia or nearby towns.


Once you arrive in Harbel, you can either ask the bus driver or conductor to let you know when you’re near Harbel-Cotton Tree Highway or use a map or navigation app to guide you to the specific location.


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