Trinity University is a dynamic vision driven University founded on a Christian foundation.

The University is driven by the compelling vision of pioneering excellence at the cutting edge studying by setting a new pace of raising a new generation of leaders in Liberia on the platform of a holistic, Human Development and Integrated Learning Curriculum, in order to raise total man who will go out to develop their world in all fields of human endeavors.

Trinity University is a Christian Faith based University. We have the great potential as a University in instituting a learning context that is rich in educational opportunities, research and scholarship.

Our aim is to build a First Class University that will be a pride of Liberia as well as takes a lead among the league of world Universities.

Trinity University is dedicated to the pursuit of truth, to excellence in teaching, learning and research, for the enriching of mind, heart and character, to serve the humanity for the Glory of God.






years of history


Trinity University, formerly Trinity College of Professional Studies. was established in 2006 and formally opened its door for instruction on July 15, 2006 as Trinity Bible College and School of Business after going through all of the formalities of Accreditation with the National Commission on Higher Education to be certified as a full-fledge Degree granting University

Mission &

To revolutionize the educational landscape of Liberia. Ours is indeed a rescue mission in education, driven on the platform of Christian ethics and life transforming values, enabling the inculcation of intellectual and creative abilities via a platform of a solid commitment to self-discovery.


Remember Diggs

BSc Medical Laboratory

“For me, it’s about the academic sphere. The University is interesting, conceptual. We acknowledge how important it is to be experimental.”


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