Trinity University is a dynamic vision driven University founded on a
Christian foundation and committed to setting new pace of learning and
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Years of history and education

Trinity University, formerly Trinity College of Professional Studies. was established in 2006 and formally opened its door for instruction on July 15, 2006 as Trinity Bible College and School of Business after going through all of the formalities of Accreditation with the National Commission on Higher Education to be certified as a full-fledge Degree granting University.

The dream of equipping people for leadership and cultivation skills, talents and abilities for sustainable living started during the heat of the civil war in 2003 when Firestone experienced a mass influx of refugees,
some of those who were devastated by the war could not sit idly to watch great potentials die, but rather decided to give a second thought.

It was whence Rev. Abraham Kollie began a program called the Bible Training Center for pastors and Church Leaders of Dr. Dennis Mock whose program provided the instructional manuals for instruction. These
manuals were all seminaries’ Instruction Courses; very unique and competitive.

During Rev. Kollie’s instruction, the war had subsided and he needed to go back at his station to continue his ministry’s work. It was from thence a prayer was offered to find a new Coordinator. God did answer the
prayer and another devastated displace was found and asked to take over the program.
That person is Rev. Dr. Jim W. Tornonlah, now the Founder and President of the Trinity University

Leading University


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