Masters Program

The following disciplines constitute the Master Academic programs of the University


Master of Business Administration.  
 Master of Science  
Master of Arts  

i. MBA in Accounting
ii. MBA in Marketing
iii. MBA in Finance
iv. MBA in Data Analytics
v. MBA in Human Resources Management
vi. MBA in Health Care Management
vii. MBA in Church Leadership and Management

i. MSc. in Health Care Administration
ii. MSc. in Public Health
iii. MSc. in Nursing Education
iv. MSc. in Agro Business Administration
v. MSc. in Social Work and Community Development
vi. MSc. in Security Administration
vii. MSc. in Political Leadership and Governance
viii. MSc. in Educational Administration and Supervision

i. MA in Theology
ii. MA in Divinity
iii. MA in Religious Education


FeePer Credit (All Courses)Per Credit

Entrance Fee:

Tuition Fees





Registration Fee$200.00




1. Harbel -Cotton Tree Highway
2. Kakata -Weala
3. Trinity House
4. Ganta City, Nimba County

Scholarship Programs

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