Be Seasoned!

“Be Seasoned” is a catchphrase that points to the Educational Philosophy at
Trinity University (TU). It is used in Advertising to Highlight the Philosophical proprieties for our Students.
The University wants people dig below the surface and to understand the values that define and refine the culture and practice of learning. Be Seasoned provides the broader framework of this philosophy across the vision and mission of Trinity University. Like other faith-based Universities, we place value on the spiritual quest.

As a Christ-Centered Institution of Higher Learning, Trinity University values and acknowledges the teaching of scripture in building our Students’ moral.

An aim of education is the full balanced Development of persons with the wisdom to live well. Education may be considered vocational in the sense of preparing people for their calling in life, in all its dimensions, so that what is taught will give serious structure and direction to their Journey. The quest for Excellence at Trinity University is a quest for human excellence in all its dimension.

Trinity University came into existence through the passion, love, vision and God’s Direction Rev. Dr. Jim W. Tornonlah has for building people that will be self-sustained, independent and destiny helpers.

Trinity University is moving into another level of Developments at every segment of the institution and it takes the Able, the Capable and the Wise to be part of the great move. This is the Lord’s doing and it is marvellous in our eyes.
To God be the glory!

To our graduates of today, you have completed all classes and the approved course
of studies. You have gained knowledge and experience as you perfected new innovations in your selected fields of interest. The very quest for excellence at Trinity University has finally translated your efforts into success today.
We wish you much more success and urge you to use your education not only for your own personal gain but to also serve your community to become problem

solvers in a rapidly changing time, and to contribute positively to Liberia’s advancement. Christ will set a standard that will serve you well in your professional careers.

As you leave the walls of Trinity University today, remember you are the sum total of our decision. Go out there and be good ambassadors of Trinity University. Always remember your Alma Mata. Go and be the change you have been dreaming to see in the society.

Long Live Trinity University
Long Live Margibi County
Long Live the Republic of Liberia

Thanks and God Bless us all.

Dr. James Ola Oni
Vice President Trinity University.